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2018 Men’s Member Guest October 5-7

2018 Men’s Member Guest  – October 5-7th

Tournament Info

Registration must be submitted to the Pro Shop by September 21, 2018.

Entry Fee:

$695.00 per Two-Man Team

(Charged to Member Account)


9-Hole Matches


Flights will be determined by team-combined handicap index.

*All competitors must have an established handicap index. The handicap committee has determined that we will use a player’s 12-month low index, and reserves the right to adjust indexes before, during, or after a round.


Shop Credit will be awarded to Overall Champion and to each flight winner. Overall Champion is decided by a playoff among flight winners.

Cash Game:

$200.00 will be collected before round one on Saturday. Cash will be paid out to all winning teams after every match.

(no member account charge)

Tee Gift:

Peter Millar Gifting Experience


Friday- October 5

10 am – Practice Rounds

5:30 pm – Skills Challenge

7:30 pm – Steak Dinner

Spouses included

Saturday – October 6

7 am- Breakfast Buffet

8:30 am- Round 1

11:15 am – Round 2

1:30 pm – Lunch Buffet

2:30 pm – Round 3

7:30 pm – Low Country Boil

Spouses included

Sunday – October 7

7 am- Breakfast Buffet

8:30 am- Round 4

11:15 am – Round 5

1:30 pm – Lunch Buffet

2:30 pm – Playoff

Awards Immediately Following